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Leumia Cryptocurrencies Banking Corporation


Currency Banking Company Cryptocurrencies are the first decentralized virtual banking platform, and it is a DeFi project, Lumia-related projects operate using modern blockchain technology.

Leumia will be the world's first decentralized virtual bank to invest heavily in the field, including investing in e-commerce and trading, and expanding digital currency farms.

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Services and Features

A full-service digital agency approach to grow your brand online

Digital currency support

Support for all reputable digital currencies in the world and cooperation with the most reputable digital currency exchanges

Bank deposit

Ability to deposit and invest in banks and direct supervision of customers without intermediaries that customers can deposit their capital.

Lending capability

Ability to lend to banks based on digital currencies completely directly and without intermediaries, customers can receive the amount of loans they need.

Payment System

Modern fast and secure payment and receipt system with customer and user authentication

Credit cards

Support for all global credit cards including MasterCard and Visa cards as well as online payment systems such as PayPal and Perfect Money

Global investment

Investing globally in cloud trading and mining projects without intermediaries and with direct supervision and participation of customers


The LEUMIA.IO Decentralized Virtual Banking Project is the World Bank's first decentralized investment platform.
The prestigious LEUMIA EXCHANGE will be unveiled soon. This project will complement other projects of this platform.

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